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Chinese Hamster

Basic Information About Chinese Dwarf Hamster

The Chinese Hamster originate from the northern china and some regions of Mongolia. The scientific name of this hamster is Cricetulus griseus. Body proportions of the chinese hamster compared to other hamster is a bit different. They are long and thin and have rather long tail.In fact, the Chinese Hamster is not a dwarf hamster, even though many people think they are. Those hamsters grow between 7 and 9 CM in length. Adult Chinese hamster can weight 60-80 grams. Average lifespan of those hamsters is 2-3 years.

The color of the Chinese hamster is greyish brown with a black stripe on the spine. In addition to this coloration they have a long tail and many people call them ratlike hamsters. They are also available in another color – greyish white with a black stripe on it’s back.

Even though that those hamster look like rats, they are rather friendly and are easily handled. Chinese hamsters have rather quiet temperament but are a bit nervous as youngsters. Once you tame them, they will become more calm and gentle. Like all other hamsters, they have poor eye-sight with a super senses of hearing and smell.

Chinese Hamsters In The Wild

In the wild, Chinese hamsters live in burrows. Most of them make just one entrance hole in the burrow, but sometimes there are two or three entrances. Younger individuals can build a simple burrows while mature and experienced hamsters will build a complex burrow with several entrances. The “house” of those hamster is separated, I mean that the territory is separated for the living spot, food storage chambers and nesting spot. Because of the fact that the burrows are sometimes very close to each other, people think that they live in colonies. Another interesting fact about Chinese hamsters living in the wild is that they don’t hibernate continuously. They awaken from time to time and eat stored food. As soon as the weather becomes colder, they enter a deep sleep.

Chinese Hamster Personality

All of them are very agile and lively. They enjoy activities such as running,climbing and jumping. Picking up hamster is a bit difficult – always wash your hands before picking up and make sure there is no other animals like cats and dogs which can scare hamster.If a child wants to handle Chinese hamster you must supervise the process. Try to handle hamster from early age – he will become tame and more friendly.

Chinese Dwarf Hamsters Diet

There is no special diet for the Chinese dwarf hamster, just make sure there is always a supply of fresh water in the cage. It’s better to change the water every 2-3 days. Your hamster should get a food mix made specially for hamsters. Remember that all hamsters love vegetables,seeds and fruits. They also love bread.Sometimes they can also eat crickets and other small creatures. Another thing that you must give to your chinese hamster is chewing toy. Just make sure they are designed for hamsters.Clean the cage at least once a week and make remove uneaten food before it spoil

Cage For Chinese Dwarf Hamster

Like all other hamsters, Chinese Hamsters need some place to run and play. Make sure your cage has some obstacles where the hamster can hide. If there is more than one hamster in the cage, the less dominant hamster will hide in those spots. The best type of cage for those hamsters are aquarium tanks. Place the cage or aquarium tank in the place where there is no direct sunlight. Use wood shavings for bedding. Also get a wheel for your hamsters.

If you have any other questions about Chinese Hamsters, use the comments field below.