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Dwarf Hamster

Dwarf Hamster or Russian Dwarf Hamster originates from Russia, China and parts of Asia. They are great pets for adults and children. Unlike other species, Dwarf hamsters are highly sociable pets and can live together in large cages. Being the smallest pets, they are rather easy to look after and cheaper to take care of if we compare them to large rodents. If we take a look at the dwarf hamster we will notice that their cheek pounches are rather big and if they are full of food, it seems like dwarf hamster is rather big. Those lovely animals spend most of the day sleeping and become active in the evening till the morning, but sometimes you can see them active during the daylight, eating food or having fun with the hamster wheel.

Life Span Of Dwarf Hamster

Typically they live 2-3 years if you keep them in good condition. In the wild their life span is much shorter due to the environment and number of predators that are hunting them. The longest living hamster according to the Guinness World Records was 4.5 years old. If your hamster has comfortable and safe cage, gets all needed attention from you as well as healthy food, they will live longest possible life.

How To Choose A Dwarf Hamster

If you are going to buy a dwarf hamster, keep in mind that due to the short lifespan you must buy a young hamster. You can easily purchase 2 or more dwarf hamsters, they won’t fight with each other. Buying dwarf hamster is better from the accredited breeder because some local pet shops can have hybrid animals from rodent farms. Don’t be afraid of the word ‘Hybrid’, they are as lovely and cute as others but can be more prone to illness or genetic defect and might not live long. Knowing the correct sex of the hamster is very important, because some of the female species may be pregnant.I recommend you to buy male hamsters.

How Social The Dwarf Hamsters Are ?

Under the right circumstances, the dwarfs can be very sociable animals and live in small groups. If you are planning to buy more than one hamster, buy them at one shop, they will be already familiar with each other. If you buy a new hamster, it may not be accepted into the group. Dwarf Hamsters love to run and jump, so when you are buying a cage for them, make sure it has special spots for sleeping and playing.

Dwarf Hamster Diet

One of the most important factor when we are talking about healthy hamster is special diet. They require special hamster food mix which can be bought at the local pet shop or even online. You can give your dwarf hamster fresh fruit and vegs from time to time but not too much. It may cause stomach upsets and digestion problems. Another great thing that you must buy for your hamster is mineral stones for your pet to snack on. Water should be changed every day to avoid any problems with the health of your little friend. You might have already know, that hamster teeth are growing all the time, so they need special things to chew on. Those chewing toys are also available online so you can easily buy them.

If you are planning to buy a hamster and don’t know which one to choose, I recommend you to buy a dwarf hamster. They are really lovely and love playing with people. Give the best to your hamster and you will get a lot of love from him. If you have any questions you can easily use the comment form below to ask one.